Friday, January 18, 2013


PDX Dust will be undergoing some revisions in the New Year. I am busy with school, but am learning a lot that I can apply to the blog and look forward to updating the look and adding more articles in the very near future. For now enjoy these updates:

World league update with picture.

Dust Warfare added

PDX Dust League:
Nicholas took the victory in the last PDX Dust League, becoming the PDX Dust Warlord of 2012.

We've all had some questions to send into FFG to get a better understanding of these games we love so much. There is now a Tactics and Warfare Clarification section. Please send any information you wish to see posted to

It is still undergoing revision, but I have add new point values that have been released, rearranged the layout to allow more room for vehicles, Commissars have been added to the SSU sheet in the Heroes section.

General information about the blog
Contact information

Unit Cards:
Maksim, Marlem, Melor, and Mikhail added for SSU; Leathernecks added for Allies.

Still working on a few Articles from back in October. We'll be heading to the Olympia tournament tomorrow and I will be updating with those results soon! Good Gaming!

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