Friday, February 10, 2012

New SSU Heroes and Units + New Allied Walkers!

SSU Heroes Nikolai, Yakov, and Red Yana

Yakov brings a brand new ability to the battle with the Legendary Tactician skill. Looking forward to seeing what that will be all about. The SSU also has their Observer and Sniper Squads ready to release in second quarter 2012, which means we should be getting an announcement for some SSU artilery units soon! Also, the SSU Rifle Squad should be a nice addition.

Cobra (left) and Rattler (right) with Amphibious Unit Upgrade

Then there is the new Allied Walkers! Looks like we will be getting some rules fore Amphibious units soon, which should be an interesting addition, as both of these walkers can be converted with the included pontoons. I can't wait to check out the unit cards and see the stats for the 180W Phaser weapon on the Cobra, and I hope to see an unlimited range weapon on the Rattler, as the Allies are sorely hurt by their inability to trade long range blows with the Axis Walkers. Can't wait to try these units out!

Click here for more information! Good Gaming!

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