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Answers from FFG and FAQ!

I received my response from FFG from the questions I asked in March. I also sent another question between then and now. I find the flame weapon vs. height to be intriguing and look forward to utilizing it in future battles. Also here is a link to the new Dust Tactics FAQ.


You recently asked some questions about Dust Tactics:

Rule Question:
This is a clarification regarding a Heroes skills and the Stim Pack Skill.

Can the Heroic Attack Skill be used when Ozz 117 & his squad are "standing up" after being injected with the Stim Pack.


Ozz 117 & a his Tank Busters were injected with a Stim Pack earlier in the round. Now that they are activated, they perform a move-move for the first activation, and a sustained attack for the second activation. After the attack the play lays the miniatures down. After winning the initiative on a new round, the same player chooses to immediately stand Ozz 117 & his Tank Busters up, while using Ozz 117's Heroic Attack Skill to help keep them alive until they can activate in the next round.

Is that a valid example? The Heroic Attack Skill states that it only requires the Hero to activate in order to use the skill, and does not cost an action or require anything else of the Hero/Squad. 

Your example is valid. The Heroic Attack skill may be used to protect a squad during the turn in which they are recovering from a Stimulant Kit injection.

Alternately, is Bazooka Joe's "Black Op's" skill negated for the turn if he is exhausted from a stim pack injection?

Bazooka Joe's Black Ops skill is not negated if he is exhausted from a Stimulant Kit injection.
I hope this has answered your questions. Happy Gaming!
And for the original questions:

First of all, I'd like to say thank you for waiting so patiently. We've been busy updating the Dust Tactics FAQ, which includes updates directly related to your questions, and we wanted to make sure that you received the most accurate answers possible.

You recently asked some questions about Dust Tactics:

Rule Question:
Greetings! I have a few questions after my last league play night and using the Heavy Walkers and structures for the first time, as well as a few others that have been in the back of my mind.
Flame weapons vs. multi-level structure
When the Hot Dog or Fireball attack units in a structure how does the"fire arc" work?

When a flame weapon is used against a target that is at a higher elevation inside a multilevel structure, the target's space is the only space that can be targeted. Since the flame is shot in a line up and towards the target at an angle, it does not pass through any other spaces. However, upon reaching the target, if there is any remaining range, it would be possible to reach additional target-able units that are on the same level.

According to the established rules the flame weapon can inflict damage on all units in spaces between the attacking unit and the target unit. The Hot Dog has a range of 2, and if adjacent to a multilevel structure only needs a range of 2 to reach the roof. If the Hot Dog targets a unit on the roof does the flame weapon only affect the units on the roof and 3rd floor, since that would require a range of 2 and would be 2 adjacent spaces?

If a Hot Dog adjacent to a structure targets a unit on the roof, the flame weapon can only affect units on the roof. The Hot Dog could target the unit on the roof or the unit on the 3rd floor, but not both. (note: p. 14 of the Operation Cerberus Campaign Book: "Units that are on separate floors and directly above or below each other are not considered to be adjacent")

Or would the flame weapon also hit all the other floors?

The flame weapon would only strike targets on a single floor.

Or can the Hot Dog only target the ground floor and floor above?

The Hot Dog could target the ground floor or the floor above, but not both.

The Fireball has a range of 3, and can be adjacent to 2 squares of the structure. So pretty much the same question, but with a range of 3, the possibility of "dancing" diagonally up the building since LOS and Range requirements would be met. Such as: The Fireball is adjacent to 2 openings on a 3 story structure (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Rooftop for a total of a height of 4). There is a unit on the right of the fireball on the 1st floor, left of the fireball on the 2nd floor, and then right on the 3rd floor and rooftop (4 targets in total). Can the Fireball target the units on the first 3 floors since it meets the range of 3, and does not break LOS? Same for the targets on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor? Or can I only target 1 section of a multilevel structure and it affects all units or 3 stores of that section?
Sorry if that was confusing, but I saw so many possibilities with only need a 2 range to reach the roof. I couldn't find a way to make an image to help explain what I was shooting for with the materials at my disposal.

The flame weapon can only strike multiple targets if they are within range/LOS and on the same floor.

Do units on the roof follow "structure" rules for LOS, since they are not considered to be in the structure? So basically, does the unit have to be on the side of the roof facing the attacker (like inside a structure and on an exit facing the enemy), or, since the unit is not technically in the structure, can they be targeted anywhere on the roof as long as there is 2D LOS?

Units on the roof are not considered to be inside the structure, so diagonal line of sight is not blocked. However, the unit has to be on the side of the roof facing the attacker for line of sight to be established. If they are farther back on the roof from the attacker, the attacker does not have line of sight, and vice versa.

Can units with the Jump ability jump off the roof of a structure? It's clear they cannot land on the roof, but not so much about jumping off the roof.

Units with Jump can jump off the roof of a structure.

Is placing its own action that can't be combined with any other skills or actions? The most I can find is in the Original Core Set rulebook saying that placing on the board is always a "one space move action." Hopefully these follow up questions will allow this to make a bit more sense:

According to the updated FAQ, "When entering the battlefield during the first round of the game, each unit’s first action must be a MOVE action, using movement points to enter one of the entry spaces on the map as per that unit’s movement rules. The unit is not restricted to a move of one space if it has more movement points available to it." Additionally, any skills that affect movement (such as Fast or Scout) can be applied to the MOVE action used to enter the battlefield.

รข?¢ So units with move 2 can only have the 1 space on placement, correct? 

According to the updated FAQ, units with a movement value of 2 may move their full distance on the MOVE action used to enter the battlefield.

Can the Fireball use its scout ability to save its second action to perform an attack, or does the scout ability apply after both actions are finished? So basically it could it be possible to perform a Placement+ Scout for the 1st action, and attack for the 2nd action?

The Scout ability should be applied to a MOVE action in the same way as the Fast ability. The Scout ability would go into effect as part of a MOVE action taken by the unit during its first activation of the game. It is entirely possible to enter the battlefield with a MOVE action to which Scout is applied, and to then make an ATTACK action. (MOVE+Scout --> ATTACK = possible)

Can units with Fast use their fast ability when placing?


Such as Placement+Fast for the first action, and attack for the second action?

It is possible to enter the battlefield with a MOVE action to which Fast is applied. The unit may then make an ATTACK action as its second action.

Same with Charge. Can Markus and the Gorillas perform a Place/move/fast/charge?

Because the a unit's first action is now officially a MOVE action, it is possible to enter the battlefield with a MOVE action to which the Charge ability is applied.

Are the Rubble Tiles in the Original Core Set supposed to have a '+' icon? Are any of these tiles supposed to be released in an expansion? The terrain type was announced in Operation Cyclone over a year ago and I have yet to see any tiles with this marking and am anxious to give them a try.

The rubble tiles currently have no icon and should be considered impassible. Feel free, however, to apply your own house rules to the tiles, and treat them as though the + icon were on them.

I hope this has answered your questions. Happy Gaming!

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