Clarifications: Tactics


Q) Do units on the roof follow "structure" rules for LOS, since they are not considered to be in the structure? So basically, does the unit have to be on the side of the roof facing the attacker (like inside a structure and on an exit facing the enemy), or, since the unit is not technically in the structure, can they be targeted anywhere on the roof as long as there is 2D LOS?
  • Units on the roof are not considered to be inside the structure, so diagonal line of sight is not blocked. However, the  unit has to be on the side of the roof facing the attacker for line of sight to be established. If they are farther back on the roof from the attacker, the attacker does not have line of sight, and vice versa.

Q) Is placing its own action that can't be combined with any other skills or actions? The most I can find is in the Original Core Set rulebook saying that placing on the board is always a "one space move action." Hopefully these follow up questions will allow this to make a bit more sense:
  • According to the updated FAQ, "When entering the battlefield during the first round of the game, each unit’s first action must be a MOVE action, using movement points to enter one of the entry spaces on the map as per that unit’s movement rules. The unit is not restricted to a move of one space if it has more movement points available to it." Additionally, any skills that affect movement (such as Fast or Scout) can be applied to the MOVE action used to enter the battlefield.

Q) So units with move 2 can only have the 1 space on placement, correct?
  • According to the updated FAQ, units with a movement value of 2 may move their full distance on the MOVE action used to enter the battlefield.

Q) Can units with Fast use their fast ability when placing?
  • Yes.

Q) Can Markus and the Gorillas perform a Place/move/fast/charge?
  • Because the a unit's first action is now officially a MOVE action, it is possible to enter the battlefield with a MOVE action to which the Charge ability is applied.


Q) Pertaining to observer units in a building above the main floor, such as the first, second, third, roof etc... and their line of sight on the board: The rules state that if a unit is directly behind an object that would block 2D line of sight, then the line of sight is blocked for 3D. Since soldier units block line of sight for other soldier units, if I decide to stack my soldier units in a single file line, one unit directly behind the next, would the observer unit be able to see any of the soldiers, or would the stacking effect of blocked line of sight only allow them to see the unit at the head of the line?
  • A very interesting situation! The stacking effect of blocked line of sight does apply; the observer can only  draw line of sight to the unit at the head of the line.

Q) I noticed that the Leathernecks have their Mortar classified as an Artillery Weapon. Artillery weapons state that they must be reloaded before they are fired again, but a Mortar Team hardly functions in a way akin to Artillery Vehicles. Since all a Mortar Team has to do is aim and drop the shell in the tube, will they need to reload after each Mortar attack or will there be an update reflecting how effective Mortar Teams are at quickly delivering their payload?
  • The USMC Heavy Mortar Team's 120mm Mortar is considered to be an artillery weapon, but it does not need to be reloaded after each attack. This will likely be addressed in an upcoming FAQ update.


Q) If I have a unit in the metro station trying to exit to the main map, but on the main map there is an enemy unit occupying the exit space, can my unit in the metro open fire on the enemy unit occupying the exit space?
  • Yes. The only way that units may attack between two boards is if both the attacking unit and its target are on corresponding metro/sewer entrance spaces. Treat the attack as though both units were adjacent to one another.

Q)  Since Solo Heroes can share a space with a friendly unit, can they also share said spaces in the Sewers, or is the tight quarters too tight for a Solo Hero to share a space with a unit?
  • A Hero can share a space with a friendly unit while in the Sewers.

Q) Pertaining to Dim Light rules from Operation Hades: Does cover provided by the Dim Light rules apply to solo Heroes and Superhumans? Does Dim Light cover stack with other cover bo nus', or is it a separate roll like Damage Resilience?
  • In areas where rules for Dim Light apply, superhumans and heroes are considered to be in Soft or Hard Cover, depending on their distance from an attacking unit. Dim Light can stack with other cover bonuses (for non-solo-hero and non-superhuman units), to a maximum of Hard Cover. A separate roll is not made.


Q) I'm a little confused with how a Vehicle with the Pilot skill works on it's own... So the Rules say that : "A vehicle with this skill can only be piloted by a particular hero. Be mindful that the vehicle can still be fielded
without its pilot. But no hero, other than the one listed on the card can pilot it." So if I field Koshka with an Infantry Squad and Grandma' separately does Grandma' act like any other Vehicle even though  Koshka is not yet aboard, or must it wait for Koshka to actually pilot the walker before it can act?
  • If Koshka and Grand'Ma are fielded separately, Grand'Ma functions just like any other Vehicle, even though Koshka is not on board. Grand'Ma can be activated normally; it does not have to wait for Koshka to pilot it.

Q) If Nikolai or Koshka are piloting a vehicle and the vehicle activates and makes use of the Heroes skill, can that Hero still activate on it's own, or is it considered activated when the vehicle uses the Heroes skill?
  • When piloting a vehicle, both the Hero and the vehicle are considered to activate at the same time. If a vehicle activates and makes use of a piloting Hero's pilot ability, then the Hero may not activate on it's own during the same game turn.


Q) When the Hot Dog or Fireball attack units in a structure how does the "fire arc" work?
  • When a flame weapon is used against a target that is at a higher elevation inside a multi-level structure, the target's space is the only space that can be targeted. Since the flame is shot in a line up and towards the target at an angle, it does not pass through any other spaces. However, upon reaching the target, if there is any remaining range, it would be possible to reach additional targetable units that are on the same level.


Q) I noticed that the unit cards for the SSU Heavy Tanks the Karl Marx, the Lavrentiy Beria, the Mao Zedong, and the Vladimir Lenin, along with Medium Walkers Matrioshka, Bzabushka all have multiple weapon lines for the DShK 12.7 mm Gun. 1 of these weapon lines are able to attack aircraft, and all the rest are not. If these are identical guns, then why can only 1 of them target aircraft and not the others? Is this just a printing mistake?
  • One of the DShK 12.7 mm Guns is on a turret which can be used to target ground units or angled upward to target aircraft. The others are in a more fixed position and point outward from the tank horizontally with no real ability to target aircraft that might be flying overhead. Hence the slight weapon line discrepancy.


Q) Can units with the Jump ability jump off the roof of a structure? It's clear they cannot land on the roof, but not so much about jumping off the roof.
  • Units with Jump can jump off the roof of a structure.

Q) This is a clarification regarding a Heroes skills and the Stim Pack Skill. Can the Heroic Attack Skill be used when Ozz 117 & his squad are "standing up" after being injected with the Stim Pack.

Ozz 117 & a his Tank Busters were injected with a Stim Pack earlier in the round. Now that they are activated, they perform a move-move for the first activation, and a sustained attack for the second activation. After the attack the play lays the miniatures down. After winning the initiative on a new round, the same player chooses to immediately stand Ozz 117 & his Tank Busters up, while using Ozz 117's Heroic Attack Skill to help keep them alive until they can activate in the next round.
Is that a valid example? The Heroic Attack Skill states that it only requires the Hero to activate in order to use the skill, and does not cost an action or require anything else of the Hero/Squad.
  • Your example is valid. The Heroic Attack skill may be used to protect a squad during the turn in which they are recovering from a Stimulant Kit injection.

Q) Is Bazooka Joe's "Black Op's" skill negated for the turn if he is exhausted from a stim pack injection?
  • Bazooka Joe's Black Ops skill is not negated if he is exhausted from a Stimulant Kit injection.

Q) Does a Command Squads Field Repair skill also work to bring an aircraft back into play?
If so, is it attached to the mechanic and does it also count toward the vehicle? I.e., The Medvedi Mechanic can only bring back a vehicle OR an aircraft. Is it attached to another member of the unit (radio man, weapons specialist, or officer)?
  • A Command Squad's Field Repair skill can only be used to bring a vehicle back into play. It cannot be used to bring an aircraft back into play.

Q) When Nikolai pilots a vehicle with a Tesla Weapon and uses the Take Aim skill he reverses the die rolls instead of rerolling hits. However the Tesla Weapon acts as a Laser Weapon where hits are rerolled until they miss. Does the Take Aim affect the rerolls allowed for a successful Tesla Weapon hit, or does a player still need to roll natural hits to score more damage?
  • The Take Aim skill only inverts the die results on the initial attack. Additional rolls caused by the "laser" effect of a Tesla weapon succeed on HIT results as normal.

Q) If I have a unit on the roof of a structure, and I have my SSU Airborne Transport adjacent to both the structure and the unit, can my unit board said Transport from the rooftop?
  • No. For a unit to board a vehicle or aircraft with the Carry Capacity skill, the boarding unit must be in a space adjacent to that of the vehicle or aircraft they wish to board, and spaces at different heights are not considered to be adjacent. Thematically, this translates to the following: although the SSU Airborne Transport can hover at any altitude, it needs to land in order for a unit board it safely.

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