Clarifications: Warfare


Q) Does the Aeronca GB-9 Strike (for the Allies) get to re-roll the sustained attack dice, or is it just one roll?
  • The Aeronca GB-9 Strike is resolved using Indirect Fire. Therefore, it may not re-roll dice during the Sustained Attack (for complete rules on Direct vs. Indirect fire, see the "ARTILLERY WEAPONS" section of the Core Rulebook on page 57).
Q) I noticed a difference in the number of dice rolled for Soldier units between the SSU and Allied U.G.L. Is this intentional or a mistake?
  • It's no mistake. Allied UGLs are superior to those of the SSU. :)


Q) Can The Chef hold a "Key Position Objective" without having to reveal himself.
  • Yes.


Q) A soldier unit decides to perform a move and attack action during it's activation. After it moves an enemy unit reacts and hits, giving the activated unit a suppression marker. Does the activated unit continue on with it's second action, or does it's activation immediately end after gaining the suppression marker from the enemy reaction?
  • The activated unit continues with its second action, even if it gains a suppression during its activation.


Q) The Compulsory Move Action for Aircraft; does this count towards the total number of actions for the unit, or is it a "free" action? So one could potentially do the Compulsory move and simultaneously drop a bomb, then perform a sustained attack for it's 2 actions? Or even compulsory move/drop bomb, regular move/drop bomb, and then perform an attack? No matter how I look at it this totals up to 3 actions and the rules specifically state that Aircraft are limited to 2 actions, just like any other unit. Most people seem to think the compulsory move is free, but it is still listed as an action (hence Compulsory move ACTION, instead of just Compulsory move).
  • The Compulsory Move action of an Aircraft unit does not count towards the total number of actions a unit receives as part of its activation. It is possible for an Aircraft unit to drop a bomb during its Compulsory Move action, and then make a Sustained Attack action. It is also possible for an Aircraft unit to drop a bomb during its Compulsory Move action, drop another bomb during its declared Move action, and then perform a declared Attack action. It is important to keep in mind, however, that–unless the Aircraft unit has the Hover special ability–the Compulsory Move action must be resolved by moving forward in a straight line in directly from the center of its front arc, and it may not change its facing before or after the movement. Additionally, once a bomb has been used, it is removed from the game and cannot be used again.

    According to page 15 of the Zverograd rulebook: "Like other units, Aircraft activate in the Unit phase and declare two actions…However, they must maintain forward momentum by making a required Compulsory Move action during each activation." They are never explicitly "limited" to two actions. These lines in the rulebook are simply stressing that they must declare actions during their activation as does any other unit. Step 3 of an Aircraft activation, "Declare Actions" is where these two actions are declared. This occurs after step 2, "Resolve Compulsory Move Action."

    The Compulsory Move action is not a "free" action, so to speak. It is a required action that must be performed before declaring and resolving a unit's standard actions. This can be both a benefit or a detriment to an Aircraft unit. If an Aircraft unit is not positioned carefully, it may open itself up to attack Reactions from enemy units, since units may React to Compulsory Move actions.

Q) Since a low flying Aircraft is considered a Vehicle when being targeted, do the units inside an Aircraft Transport survive and deploy with a reaction marker like with Vehicles when the Aircraft Transport is eliminated, or do they still die with the Aircraft?
  • Units inside an Aircraft transport are eliminated along with the Aircraft, even if it is flying low. The only exception to this rule are units with the Air Cavalry special ability, which disembark unharmed and gain a Reaction marker.


Q) Does the Steel Rain have a total limit of Four 4.2" Rockets?
  • No. The 4.2" Rocket System has unlimited uses, but it is a Reload weapon.
Q) If the 4.2" Rockets on the Steel rain are ready to fire, why is it a "Reload" Weapon? Is it to reload 4.2" Rockets that have already been fired?
  • The Reload weapon status of the 4.2" Rocket System is in place mainly for the purpose of game mechanics. In terms of what happens in the field, the reload time can be allotted to be the preparations that are needed to prepare the next rocket for firing after each attack.
Q) Can the Steel Rain fire both of it's Indirect Weapons at during the same Indirect Attack? I.E., I trace a line of sight from the Command Squad to a Walker at 19" from the Steel Rain for the Petard Mortar, and another line of sight from 13 Foxtrot to an enemy soldier unit for the 4.2" Rocket.
  • Yes.
Q) Can Artillery Direct Fire be sustained for a re-roll on the attack dice?
  • Yes.

Q) From where is cover determined for Indirect Artillery Fire? Does it come from the Artillery Unit, the Artillery Strike unit, or does the target only benefit from cover that it is in base contact with?
  • Cover for Indirect Fire is determined from the unit with the Artillery Strike special ability.
Q) Can the Steel Rain fire more than One 4.2" Rocket in an attack?
  • Since the Steel Rain is not a weapon with limited ammunition, such as the bombs carried by SSU helicopters, the number of rockets being fired is irrelevant to the attack. When an attack is made with the Steel Rain's 4.2" Rocket System, it simply rolls a 5/1 attack against its target. Whether one, two or four rockets are being fired is up to you, but a 5/1 attack will be resolved regardless. I prefer to imagine the rockets being fired one at a time, but that's just me. :)
  • Follow-up Question: You recently clarified that a Steel Rain can launch 1, 2, 3, or 4 of it's 4.2" Rockets and it will never roll more or less than 5/1 dice. Since firing more than 1 rocket at 1 target is completely useless and garners no extra advantages (I'm sorry... 4 times the firepower and not even a single die is added??) would it be possible to fire each rocket at a separate single target, reload the next turn, and do it again? So If my steel rain had line of sight to 4 different targets, could I take a single/sustained attack action and fire one rocket at each target? Same with indirect. If I had indirect line of sight to 4 targets could I sustain the indirect fire launching one rocket at each target?
    • I think my previous response was a bit confusing. For the sake of simplicity, it should be assumed that a single rocket is fired during each attack, and that the Reload action is used to prep the next rocket for launch.


Q) Does the the action provided by the Badass Skill only apply if the unit is affected by Suppression AND Reaction Markers? I.E., if a unit with a Hero/Commissar with the Badass Skill only has a reaction marker, will the unit still only get 1 action in the unit phase, or does it get 2 because of the Badass Skill?
  • The action provided by the Badass special ability only applies if the unit has both Suppression and Reaction markers. If a unit with the Badass special ability only has a Reaction marker, or only has a Suppression marker, it will still only get one action in the Unit phase.
Q) I was curious if a Command Squad could use the Medic ability on itself. I seems the Medic can heal other Command Squads and soldier units, but I can't seem to clarify if the Medic can heal its own unit.
  • Yes, a Command Squad may use the Medic ability on itself.


  1. Some weapon entries have a double Burst symbol. does that mean that two dice are rolled for each target unit member?

  2. You are correct. Burst symbol equals 1 die per miniature in the target unit. A double Burst symbol equals 2 dice per miniature in the target unit. A triple Burst symbol equals 3 dice per miniature in the target unit. Etc...