Monday, November 14, 2011

November 2011

After a successful game night at Knightfall Games in Beaverton, OR, they will hopefully be hosting us as we start our monthly game nights. Hopefully, as new players join, this will become a weekly event, possibly held at different locations.

Check out the addition of the Unit Card section. I am working on a more efficient way of displaying all of these so it's not such a scrolling nightmare. As time becomes available I will perfect a better method and hopefully obtain copies or links to all unit cards released. I also plan to add links to rule books and as much other information as I can as things evolve.

As the beta campaign starts up I will be posting turn by turn updates. As we work on the kinks I will also be working on a campaign taking place in Iceland. Let's hope the Russians are released by then so I can make it as accurate as possible, as all the maps in the campaign books show that the ALLIED, AXIS, and SSU all have a claim staked on this island. Looking forward to the increase in playing time and the diversity of players.

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