Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day at Knightfall Games

A great way to start out the New Year! Three of us were able to meet up and play a couple games at what we hope to be the future sight for our bi-monthly league we wish to start. Chris at Knightfall Games in Beaverton has been very helpful in allowing us a location to play and an offer to spread the word through their website, and Facebook groups, to help generate more interest and players. Many thanks to Chris! We are hoping to get at least 10 different players together for our league in the next month. If anybody knows people in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area who is either interested, or already a player, please send them our way! Thanks to John and Nick for attending our gaming session. John's miniatures were wonderfully painted and even had some modified and painted Tank Traps and Ammo Crates.

We were able to get two games played in a about 3 hours. I don't have my typical in-depth play by play, as I was really wanting to enjoy the time to experience more gaming. Below I have some point details, then some highlights form both games.

The First Game was Scenario 3 from the Victory Bridge campaign, "Forward, Men!"

AXIS Player : John
ALLIES Player : Justin

AXIS Army :
Recon Grenadiers x2
Battle Grenadiers x2
Sigrid Von Thaler
Luther Panzer Walker
Total Points :: 129

Ozz 117
Grim Reapers
The Hammers
Honey Light Walker
Total Points :: 126

Very straightforward scenario. The Allies had to get at least 1 miniature into the enemy deployment zone and and survive by the end of turn 8 for victory. The basic strategy for the Allies was to run the Honey up the bridge, while the infantry used them to block the LOS of the Luther. Once the Infantry was close enough, they made their assault to enter the enemies deployment zone. The Honey worked as perfect bait to draw the fire of the Luther and Battle Grenadiers. Ozz 117 & The Grim Reapers made short work of Siggy and her squad of Battle Grenadiers. Rhino & The Hammers also did a great job of doing some damage and eliminating the lone squad of Battle Grenadiers, then hunkered down while Ozz 117 & The Grim Reapers kept the rest of the Axis forces busy. In the end, the Allies were able to gain victory with Rhino & The Hammers holding their position in the Axis deployment zone until turn 8.


Victory Points
Axis – John:: 78
Allies – Justin :: 94

The second game was Scenario 4 from the Blue Thunder campaign, "Counterattack."

AXIS Player : Nick
AXIS Player : John

Nick's AXIS Army :
Sigrid Von Thaler
Laser Greandiers
Tank Killers
Ludwig Panzer Walker (Turn 4)
Heavy Recon Grenadiers (Turn 5)
Sniper Grenadiers (Turn 5)
Hans Light Walker (Turn 6)
Recon Grenadiers (Turn 6)
Axis Gorrillas (Turn 7)
Recon Grenadiers (Turn 7)
Ludwig Panzer Walker (Turn 8)
Total Points :: 305
John's AXIS Army :
 Sigrid Von Thaler
Heavy Laser Grenadiers
Ludwig Panzer Walker
Recon Grenadiers
Battle Greanadiers
Total Points :: 159

 Nicks' combination of Siggy & The Laser Grenadiers were able to eliminate the Heavy Laser Grenadiers by turn 2. However, John's combination of Sigrid Von Thaler & the Sturmpioniere Grenadiers was quite devastating, as they were able to eliminate Nick's Siggy & Laser Grenadiers in turn 2, then Nick's Tank Killers in turn 3, and were able to destroy Nick's Ludwig Panzer Walker in turn 5. Nick was finally able to shut them down when he brought the Heavy Recon Grenadiers in turn 5, though the Heavy Recon Grenadiers were eliminated immediately afterwards by John's Recon Grenadiers. Things continued to be real bloody. After Nick brought the Hans into play, it was immediately eliminated, then brought back by the Kommandotrupp, and immediately eliminated again. John's Recon Grenadiers, Battle Grenadiers, and Beobacther were able to dig themselves into the Tank Traps and keep Nick's army at bay. Eventually the Battle Grenadiers were eliminated in turn 8, but the Recon Grenadiers and Beobachter were able to last, giving John the victory.


Victory Points
Axis – John:: 233
Axis – Nick:: 138

Enjoy the picture of John's painted Axis units. I hope to get more once we have some larger scale games in the near future. We are looking forward to getting more players and getting a league going. I will continue to update as we progress in this quest!


  1. The first game against Justins excelent tactics was the most fun I've had getting STOMPED in a long time! He made one of the most effective small points armies I've ever seen!
    And my victory against Nick was due mostly to some seriously lucky long-shot attack rolls! ( and I think he took it a little easy on me due to my not having as much play experience as he.) But, hey, a charity win is still a win! I look forward to more games with these two great sportsmen!

  2. Congrats, and wish you best success with Portland Dust League!

  3. John you rocked that game. Held the line. Was a clear and good victory.