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Dust Tactics League Play!! 06-03-2012 - PLUS: Unit Card update!!

This week our group decided to check out OtherWorlds Games. The staff members were very accommodating and helpful. They also showed a great interest in the game and a hope for some demand in the near future. In the near future we will have a few weekends of demos that will hopefully bring new players to the group.

Also, check out the unit card tab to see nearly every new card for the upcoming second wave of SSU units, as well as the new Axis and Allied medium walkers!!

Scenario 7, Destruction:

Justin v. John

  • Attacker:
    Justin - Allies: 250 points
    Action Jackson - OZZ-177 - The Chef - Bot Hunters - Corps Officers - Grim Reapers - Hell Boys - Red Devils - Mickey
  • Defender:
    John - Allies: 250
    Bazooka Joe - Rhino - BBQ Squad - Death Dealers - Grim Reapers - Tank Busters - The Boss - The Hammers - Mickey
Long story short on this battle. Justin made a gutsy move on Turn 2 and it didn't pay off. The Bot Hunters and Corps Officers were the only units Justin had left on the table at the beginning of Turn 4. John had only lost Bazooka Joe and his BBQ Squad by this point in the game. Very short and sweet.

Victor: John - Allies

Victory Points:
  • Attacker: 250 points 
  • Defender: 74 points

John v. Nicholas
  • Attacker:
    John - Allies: 250 points
    Bazooka Joe - Rhino - BBQ Squad - Death Dealers - Grim Reapers - Tank Busters - The Boss - The Hammers - Mickey
  • Defender:
    Nicholas - Axis: 249 points
    Grenadier X - Lara - Manfred - Markus - Totenmeister - Axis Gorillas - Axis Zombies - Axis Zombies - Heavy Recon Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers
This game was very back and forth. Turn 2 saw the Axis loose a squad of Recon Grenadiers and Markus with his Axis Gorillas. The Allies lost Rhino and his Grim Reapers, while the Axis lost Manfred and his Recon Grenadiers in Turn 3. Turn 4 saw the favor swing to the Axis a bit when The Allies lost Joe and his BBQ Squad along with the Tank Busters. The Axis Zombies and the Mickey were very stubborn and hard to kill, but Turn 5 finally saw the end of both units, though Totenmeister would continue to be a nuisance all the way into Turn 7. The Death Dealers also fell in Turn 5, while a revived Grim Reaper unit and The Hammers were able to hold out until Turn 7. At this point the game was called as The Allies had no way to reach the objective tile and both players units were out of range and could not move into range of each other by the end of turn 8.

Victor: Nicholas - Axis

Victory Points:
  • Attacker: 147 points 
  • Defender: 236 points

The next two games were really supposed to be a single game to determine who would face John’s SSU forces for our battle report. We played the first mission out of Zverograd to ensure a quick game. It was on small map being 5 squares deep and 6 squares wide. We played the scenario twice due to Nicholas taking Totenmeister and Zombies in a 100 point army and some debates on placement rules.

  • Justin’s 100 point Allied Army:
    Hell Boys - Johnny One-Eye - Gunner Rangers - Recon Boys - Recon Boys
  • Nicholas’ 97 point Axis Army:
    Totenmeister - Axis Zombies - Sniper Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers

In the first game Nicholas eliminated both squads of Recon Boys in the first turn. In Turn 3 Totenmeister finished off Johnny and his squad of Gunner Rangers, as well as the Hell Boys. Armor 3 and Damage Resilient Zombies are tough to kill

The second game saw a bit more balance. It really came down to initiative at the end of the game. Turn 2 saw Nicholas eliminate both units of Recon Boys, as well as the Hell Boys, however Justin was able to eliminate the Totenmeister and the Axis Zombies in the same turn. Turn 3 saw the Sniper Grenadiers fall and some serious damage dealt to both squads of Recon Grenadiers. Turn 4 saw the Axis pull the upper hand with winning initiative and finishing off Johnny and his Gunner Rangers. 

Nicholas won both games and would be taking on John’s SSU forces! We used scenario 3 from Operation Zverograd for this battle. There were 3 objectives of which the Attacker must hold 2 of by the end of turn 8. Nicholas’s Axis Army were attacking in this scenario. A full battle report will appear in the new Dust Fanzine! Stay tuned for more information!

  • John’s 197 point SSU Army:
    Grand’ma - Koshka - Command Squad - Close Combat Squad - Battle Squad - Chinese Volunteers - Airborne Transport
  • Nicholas’ 200 point Axis Army:Lara - Heavy Recon Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers - Heinrich - Heinrich - Stefan - Sturmpioniere
At the end of turn 8 Nicholas had 2 objectives, and obtained the victory.

Victory Points:
  • Nicholas - Axis: 163 Points
  • John - SSU: 45 Points
We will be back at Other Worlds Games on Sunday the 17th of June then to Red Castle Games on the 24th of June. Good Gaming!!

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