Monday, August 6, 2012

World Dust League Returns!!

The World Dust League website makes a triumphant return! Start playing games and be ready to submit them starting August 13th when the League officially starts. It's been too long since the World League was lost and we are happy to see it alive and well!

Secondly, the winners of the First World League have been announced!!
Nicholas J. Gyore is the winner!!
Justin Tyrrell came in second place.
Patrick Doty came in third place.

After conversing with Floris form the World League project I discovered that John Sisk took the 4th place position! We are very proud that our small and stubborn group dominated the World League and we look forward to the competition the second round is sure to bring! Congratulations to Nicholas for dominating the Leaderboard for nearly the entire duration of the League!!

In other news, We are still prepping the Warfare Battle Report (it's a BEAST) and just finished our second game night in our league! The site will be updated by the end of the week with the new League information, and Awards section, and finally an Information/About PDX section!

Long live the DUST-LEAGUE and Good Gaming!!

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