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Dust Day Olympia

Dust Day in the Pacific Northwest at Olympic Card and Comics in Lacey, WA. Included in this post will be pictures from that event, a small write up from Jason McFarland (event organizer) and army lists from each player. The Portland League had a wonderful experience at this event and look forward to the Regional Event next month. Enjoy and Good Gaming!!

April 14th, 2012 saw the fantastic phenomenon known as Dust Day reach into the Pacific Northwest, specifically Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey, WA.  We continued the trend originally started in Argentina.  The tournament had 12 people in all compete for the Golden Hot Dog trophy.  The event also included a painting competition, a Dust Tactics demo table, and a table that featured other Dust related merchandise such as their 1/6 figures, graphic novels, and the original Dust board game.

The Dust board game saw a bit of attraction and the demo table saw a lot of action and helped develop a few new players in the Olympia area.  

The painting competition saw some great models.   Bill Stanchfield's diorama like units and heroes were the talk of the competition.  He walked away with the awards for both Best Hero and Best Unit.  John Sisk's 'KV-1' took the prize as the Best Vehicle.

The crown jewel of the day was definitely the Golden Hot Dog Open.  3 Swiss rounds, 250 points.  It was a very competitive field. The split was 5 Allied players and 7 Axis. The lists showed a ton of variation from one player to the next.  The 3 rounds saw a Take And Hold mission.  This mission had an objective counter in the middle of the battlefield which yielded 10 extra victory points to whoever controlled it at the end of each turn.  The second mission was called Breakthrough.  This mission allowed double victory points to the owning player for each of his units he was able to get off his opponents deployment edge.  The last mission was Escort.  This mission gave a 'diplomat' to each player to attach to one of their units.  The mission was to kill the opponent’s forces, but keep your escort alive.  If the unit that your escort was in was destroyed, the attacking player received triple victory points for that unit.

The competition was fierce, but in the end Portland Oregon's own Justin Tyrrell walked away with the Golden Hot Dog trophy.  Justin was one of two undefeated players on the day, both undefeated players using Allied army lists.

We had a good mix of players with the main group who plays in Olympia/Lacey, a couple players from Tacoma, WA, and 3 players making the drive up from Portland, OR.  Big thanks of course go to Gabrielle Shepherd-Trautmann and the staff at Olympic Cards and Comics for supporting our event.

No rest for the wicked though, as May 12th will be bringing the only West Coast Dust Regional Event to the same venue!  See you there next month!

~Jason McFarland 

Contests, Prizes, and Other Goodies:

Dust Day in action:


Tournament Winner - Justin Tyrrell 

Hero and Unit Painting Competition Winner - Bill Stanchfield

Vehicle Painting Competition Winner - John Sisk

Army Lists and Placement:

1st Place - Justin Tyrrell (Allies)
Record: 3-0 
944 total VP
Bazooka Joe - OZZ-117 - Rosie - 13 Foxtrot - BBQ Squad - NCO Command Squad - Crack Shots - Grim Reapers - Fireball

2nd Place - Craig Gelhert (Allies)
Record: 3-0
580 total VP
Rosie - Mickey x 2 - Pounder x 2 - Steel Rain x 2

3rd Place - Larry White (Axis) 
Record: 2-1 
751 total VP
Grenadier X - Markus - Totenmeister - Axis Gorillas x 5 - Axis Zombies x 2

From here, we just have the placement and army list:

4th Place - Axis 
Record: 2-1 
704 total VP
Angela - Lara - Markus - Sigrid - Axis Gorillas - Beobachter - Heavy Laser Grenadiers - Laser Grenadiers - Sniper Grenadiers - Heinrich - Ludwig

5th Place - Axis 
652 total VP
Markus - Sigrid - Axis Gorillas x 2 - Axis Zombies - Heavy Laser Grenadiers - Laser Grenadiers x 2 - Ludwig

6th Place - Allies
Record: 1-2
664 total VP
Action Jackson - OZZ-117 - 13 Foxtrot x 2 - NCO Command Squad - Crack Shots x 2 - Red Devils - Tank Busters - The Gunners x 2 - Steel Rain

7th Place - Axis
Record: 1-2 
654 total VP
Angela - Sigrid - Axis Zombies - Kommandotrupp - Laser Grenadiers - Sniper Grenadiers - Strumpioniere - Heinrich - Ludwig

8th Place - Allies
Record: 1-2
638 total VP
Rhino - Grim Reapers x 2 - Tank Busters - The Gunners - Honey - Hot Dog - Steel Rain - Wildfire

9th Place - Allies
Record: 1-2
572 total VP
Johnny One-Eye - Death Dealers x 2 - Grim Reapers x 2 - Hell Boys - The Boss - The Gunners x 3

10th Place - Axis
Record: 0-3
499 total VP
Axis Zombies x 8

11th Place - Axis
Record: 0-3
384 total VP
Grenadier X - Lara - Sigrid - Stefan - Axis Zombies - Battle Grenadiers - Heavy Laser Grenadiers - Laser Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers - Sniper Grenadiers - Strumpioniere

Ringer army due to odd players. This was his:

Heinrich - Lothar x 2 - Ludwig x 2 - Luther x 2

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