Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dust Tactics Game Night! 04-01-2012

The Game Night this week found most of us somewhat under the weather. We had a total of 3 games with minimal coverage and some pictures to share. This was our last Game Night until Dust Day Olympia on April 14th. We look forward to this event and enjoyed play testing our armies these last few weeks. Stay tuned for further updates, we'll be back to league play on the 22nd of this month, and Good Gaming!!

First Game:
  • Justin's Allied 300 Point Army:
    Pounder Assault Walker - Wildfire Light Walker - Bazooka Joe - BBQ Rangers - The Chef - Hell Boys - Johnny One-Eye - The Gunners - Corps Officers - Recon Boys - Crack Shots - Crack Shots - Grim Reapers
  • Ed's Axis 343 Point Army:
    Ludwig Panzer Walker - Luther Panzer Walker - Markus - Axis Gorillas - Heavy Laser Grenadiers - Angela - Sniper Grenadiers - Sigrid Von Thaler - Laser Grenadiers - Kommandotruppe - Tank Killers - Beobachter - Manfred - Sturmpionere
The Pounder was able to score 3 hits on the Ludwig before it was destroyed in the next turn. The Heavy Laser Grenadiers also saw some early hits when the Wildfire attacked the squad upon placement, though they also fell early in the second turn. The Corps Officers used the Stim Pack early on by injecting The Chef and his Hell Boys to retaliate for the destruction of the Grim Reapers by Sigrid and her Laser Grenadiers. The combination performed a Move+Move+Fast for their first action, and a Sustained Attack for their second action. This was more than enough firepower to eliminate Sigrid and her squad. Though Markus and the Axis Gorillas charged in afterwards and scored heavy damage and The Chef and Hell Boys. Eventually the Wildfire and a squad of the Crack Shots were eliminated. Johnny and The Gunners helped to clear out the Gorillas, while Joe and the BBQ Rangers kept The Tank Killers, Manfred, and the Sturmpionere's at bay. Eventually the Allies were able to overcome the Axis and the game was called to an end at the end of turn 6.

Victory Points:
  • Allied: 338 points
  • Axis: 100 points 

Second Game:
  • Justin's 350 Point Allied Army:
    Fireball Heavy Walker - Steel Rain Assault Walker - The Boss Squad - Corps Officers - Rosie - Crack Shots - Bazooka Joe - Death Dealers - Ozz 117 - Tank Busters - Recon Boys - 13 Fox trot - Crack Shots
  • Major Headcase's 350 Point Axis Army:
    Sturmkonig Heavy Walker - Heinrich Light Walker - Sigrid Von Thaler - Laser Grenadiers - Lara - Heavy Recon Grenadiers - Stefan - Sturmpionere - Recon Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers - Recon Grenadiers - Laser Grenadiers - Heavy Flak Grenadiers
The action began early with this game. The Allies won the initiative on the second turn and the Steel Rain was able to do a sustained direct attack on the Sturmkonig and scored 7 hits! Though the relation of the Sturmkonig saw the destruction of the Steel Rain. The Allies also saw an early kill on the Heinrich from Joe and his Death Dealers. Ozz and the Tank Busters also followed up and scored the killing strike on the Sturmkonig. The Axis did some damage early on, by also eliminating 13 Foxtrot, an elimination on Joe and the Death Dealers late in the second turn by Stefan's assault with the Sturmpioneres. The Allies also soon lost Ozz 117 and The Tank Busters, but not before doing enough damage to unit of Recon Grenadiers that the Fireball soon finished off. The Recon Boys, NCO Command Squad, and Boss Squad soon eliminated Stefan and the Sturmpioneres, but now Lara and her Heavy Recon Grenadiers were tucked away in the building ready to deal some serious damage to the Allied forces. A well placed Smoke Mortar kept their damage to a minimum. In the end the Axis were able to eliminate everything except the Fireball and NCO Command Squad. The Fireball was fully healed by Rosie before her demise, however the remaining Axis forces had no unit remaining that could damage the Fireball! The game was played through the end of turn 6, and the victory was called for the Allied Forces.

Victory Points:
  • Allies: 233 Points
  • Axis: 233 Points

Third Game:
  • Justin's 250 Point Allied Army:
    Pounder Assault Walker - Blackhawk Light Walker - Bazooka Joe - Hell Boys - Johnny One-Eye - The Gunners - The Gunners - Corps Officers - Recon Boys - Recon Boys - Crack Shots - 13 Foxtrot
  • Jiltedtoo's 250 Point Axis Army:
    Ludwig Panzer Walker - Heinrich Light Walker - Markus - Axis Gorillas - Angela - Sniper Grenadiers - Sigrid Von Thaler - Laser Grenadiers - Beobachter - Lara - Heavy Laser Grenadiers
The Axis made very short work of the Allied Army in this game. Markus and The Axis Gorillas made an impressive charge at the beginning of the second turn, severely injuring Joe and eliminating the Hell Boys, and drawing necessary fire from other targets to ensure their destruction. This led to Lara and the Heavy Laser Grenadiers taking up a prime position in some hard cover with a perfect vantage point for bringing havoc to the Allied lines. The Corps Officers also took hits early on, severely limiting their effectiveness. The Gunners were able to get an attack off on Angela and her Sniper Grenadiers and remove them as a threat. The Heinrich was able to rain fire down upon the Blackhawk for the kill. Sigrid with the Sturmpionere's and Lara with her Heavy Laser Grenadiers had very little trouble eliminating the remaining Allied forces. The battle was over by the end of turn 4.

Victory Points:
  • Allied: 137 Points
  • Axis: 250 Points

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